Order of Phi

If you are interested in being inducted into the Order of Phi you MUST:

1. Be a verified alum by March 31st
2. Be financial by March 31st
3. Be registered for conference by March 31st

Failure to meet the above requirements will disqualify you from being inducted this year. There will be no last minute additions.

Please see the form for details on how to become financial in order to participate in the ceremony.

To become a Verified Alumna, please have one of the following forms in PDF or high quality photo/scan prepared to upload when submitting your registration:

1. Copy of your Degree/Diploma
2. Official transcripts *Must indicate completion
3. Official statement on university letterhead indicating graduation date (this can be from a staff member, office etc), proving your graduation. Contact information must be provided.

We look forward to seeing you in Indianapolis!

Please direct any questions/concerns to the Director of Alumnae Affairs: alumnae@gammaphiomega.org