NBOD Elections

It is time to start getting ready for NBOD Elections. Have you ever thought about running for NBOD? Are you interested in sorority policy change? If so, please see the information below for more information to learn how you can give back to Gamma Phi Omega.

At the January 2018 NBOD Meeting, the NBOD voted to extend the suspension of Bylaw 3, to allow the interim NBOD structure to remain in place for another fiscal year. With that said, the following positions are up for election and include a brief description of their primary responsibilities:

National President (full term, 2 years)
* Oversees all national operations and directly oversees all VPs
* Serves as sorority representative for NALFO

Vice President of Finance (half term, 1 year)
* Oversees national operating budget and accounting
* Responsible for sorority tax filing and exempt compliance
Vice President of Standards and Conduct (half term, 1 year)
* Oversees Risk Management, Judicial Board and National Bylaws and respective
committees for compliance

Vice President of Community Engagement (full term, 2 years)
* Oversees Director of Marketing, Director of Philanthropy, Conference Chairwoman and
any other national programming

Director of Intake (formerly Membership Intake Director) (full term, 2 years)
* Oversees undergraduate, alumnae and expansion intake processes
* Develops Process Team certification and leads training for RDs, mentors  to train their
respective chapters

Director of Member Operations (formerly Director of Undergraduate Affairs combined with Director of Alumnae Affairs) (full term, 2 years)
* Oversees all Regional Directors
* Oversees alumnae entities and at-large alumnae members

If you are interested in running for any of the above positions, please read the following requirements and submit all documents to the sorority Office Administrative Assistant (OA) (gphio.office@gmail.com) by March 16, 2018 at 11:59pm:

  • Letter of Intent
  • Fraternal resume
  • Professional resume
  • Be financial, verified alumna and in good standing as of March 1, 2018 
  • Provide online speech and presentation (virtual Q&A session) between March 20th and April 20th to be scheduled with OA open to the membership
  • Must attend National Conference on Saturday, April 7th to be introduced to the body during National President’s welcome address and May NBOD meeting (May 20th in person or virtually).

Director positions requirements (applies to Intake and Member Operations):

  • Must be at least 3 years post bachelor’s degree attainment
  • Must have at least 2 years leadership experience (sorority or professional)

National President, Vice President positions requirements (applies to Finance, Community Engagement, Standards and Conduct):

  • Must have served on NBOD for a minimum of 2 years OR
  • Must have 5 years of leadership experience (sorority or professional, can be combined)
  • All NBOD will be required to pay alumnae dues by June 15th and will be entitled to a 100% reimbursement at the close of the fiscal year upon meeting the following expectations:
    • Attendance at 75% of NBOD meetings (in person or virtual)
      100% monthly reporting
    • Attendance at ADA (in nearest geographic location)
    • Maintain and return any sorority issued equipment
    • Agree to the following: Non-disclosure statement, NBOD Code of Ethics and NBOD Duties & Responsibilities (all copies will be uploaded to the backend, and can also be requested by sending an email to OA).

Voting will take place electronically this year and open to all financial members in good standing, regardless of attendance at national conference. Polls will open on April 8th and close on April 30th. On May 1st, we will announce the results and transition will begin immediately. We really hope sisters will consider running for NBOD positions as the growth and continued progress of our organization depends on members commitment to it. Also, these positions and the work within them are beneficial to your own professional resume building for future employment and/or promotions.